Égalité! Romanian pupils have a look on schools in France

Lycee Francis de Croisset

From Maramures to the Cote d’Azur. Pupils from Romania learn about French vocational schools. For long time discussed in Romania: to implement the vocational training according Europe’s best practice. Dual education requires new curricula and knowledge concepts – both easy to be provided. Qualifying teachers can be organised. Decisive for the success is that the youth and the parents accept the new training model. Brussels usually recommends to study at an university. Other options like dual education are highly suitable for starting a career. But teenagers must know about it and understand the chances. The young Romanians got the chance now to broaden their view on education models.

Region Alpes-Cote d’Azur is covered by EU Strategy for Alpine Region (EUSALP). Maramures benefits from the Danube Strategy (EUSDR). Our Danube Center is located in both macro-regions. This fact results in synergies what generate a real added value.

Romanian pupils in France
At Lycee Francis de Croisset.
Romanian pupils in France
Electromechanical workshop. One of many impressive places for vocational training.