Dual Education in Romania

Working session at National Authority for Dual Education
Working session at National Authority for Dual Education

“The purpose of the meeting was to present the profile of the 2 institutions in order to identify common grounds which will be included in a future collaboration agreement.” General Director Jurgen Raizner presents the collaboration opportunities betweeen A.N.F.P.I.S.D.R. and Steinbeis Network Romania to foster dual education. Main purpose is a facilitation of innovation transfer through creating networks which are mainly composed from entities which represent university environment and entities from economic environment. Steinbeis’ grassroot philosophy is based on the fact that the industry of the future depends on the way in which the professional training is a coherent unit between theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. It is agreed that in near future a collaboration agreement will be signed mainly for the following directions:

  • accessing funds for developing projects
  • mutual promotion
  • partnering for organizing certain events dedicated to transfer best practices in dual professional training but also for establishing connections to support innovation transfer from research area to industry and services.

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