How to do business in the ever-changing context?

Female Entrepreneurship | ifempower Winter School
Key note of the day by Juergen Raizner:  “Contextualisation of the SME

Are these the right times to become entrepreneur? When is the right time to become entrepreneur? Not the COVID19 pandemics alone might affect business activities in 2021. On the other side, international crises such as Ukraine-Russian territorial conflict, the Syrian civil war, etc. seem to be far away. Not every business is international. But existing Continue reading “How to do business in the ever-changing context?”

Jump to Smart

Amazing auspices for applying new technologies: “Jump to Smart” was  bringing together mayors and innovative entrepreneurs. Roxana Boboruta and Jurgen Raizner were among them as partner of the organisers, as speakers and host as the event took place in Palais Ghica Victoria, where we have our head office.

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