Transilvania Business Meeting

Cluj-Napoca: Jürgen Raizner speaks at the Transylvania Business Meeting. Romanian industry has great chances to grow internationally. Investments are necessary in expanding capacities – and in innovation. State aid can be used for financing. German companies are ready for new partners.

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Strengthening the Danube Region

350 m high. Only the chimney still stands in Baia Mare. Example of the dawn of industrial innovation. Steinbeis Romania launches another project for investors.

02.05.2022, Regensburg: Strengthening the Danube Region. “The opportunities are right on our doorstep – let’s seize them!” Juergen Raizner explains what is possible. Romania as an example. A joint event of the Danube Macro Region Business Week and the OWWF Bayern e.V.

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STC Iasi

29.07.2020: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (UAIC) of Iasi has agreed to join Steinbeis Network Romania. A Steinbeis Transfer Center for knowledge and technology transfer will be established at the oldest university from Romania, established 1860. Extensions of the university are available Continue reading “STC Iasi”