Steinbeis in Iasi

Iasi, 24.09.2020: Vice-Rector of UAIC for scientific research, professor Ionel Mangalagiu PhD and director of Steinbeis Network Romania, Jurgen Raizner met in order to set up the new Steinbeis Transfer Center (STC). It was agreed before already, that Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi becomes host of a new STC. Now it is confirmed, that professor Mangalagiu will become its director.

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Steinbeis visits University of Suceava

Rector Valentin Popa, STC director Irina Besliu; STM director Juergen Raizner. Ready for success.
Rector Valentin Popa, STC director Irina Besliu-Bancescu, STM director Juergen Raizner. Ready for success.

Suceava, 23.09.2020: Meeting to establish next steps of collaboration between Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV) and Steinbeis took place in Suceava. This visit to University Suceava is a follow-up according to MoU, signed this summer.

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Paving the way for a new Steinbeis Center in Suceava

Memorandum of Understanding is signed: University “Stefan cel Mare” (USV) in Suceava and Steinbeis Romania agree to collaborate in order to create a Steinbeis Transfer Center in Suceava. USV is number one among Romanian universities in number of patents and inventions – and therefore USV is an ideal partner to host a Steinbeis Transfer Center.